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Case Study: The Original Inside Pocket Company
Raise: $42,730
Campaign Duration: 30 days

fully-fundedBrad, a former fashion executive wanted to use his talents to bring a cause to light. Texting and driving has to end. So he came up with snazzy hoodies with pockets on the inside to keep your phone away while driving. The temptation to check your phone is difficult to avoid. However, with inside pockets it’s somewhat more likely that you won’t text and drive. Unless you live in warm weather, this hoodie makes a lot of sense for that season where people where hoodies. The streets will be a lot safer in South Florida for at least a week or two this January. Thanks inside pocket co.

yogahat kickstarter

Case Study: Yogahat

A hat with more than just some whimsical designs, it protects you from evil spirits of Mishrina.


The Good Pie Company

Asked for funding for new pie shop.

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