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Instagram recently released a new feature that allows users to choose up to 10 videos or photos for one post. Users have the ability to edit each photo or video and rearrange them as they please before posting. While the caption and location tag apply to the entire post, individual profiles can be tagged in each photo or video. As more and more users get this feature they will start to see posts with a little album icon in the top right corner, indicating a post with multiple photos and videos users can swipe through.

Creative Ways to Use the Album Feature for Brands

This new album feature revitalizes Instagram for users and brands alike. All users have the ability to post multiple forms of content in any way they please. This carousel-styled feature allows brands more freedom to produce innovative content for their audience. Below are a handful of ways brands can utilize this new album feature to stand out from the competition.


      1. Side-by-Side Process

        One great way to use the carousel feature of Instagram albums is by showing a step-by-step process of what your brand is doing. Food and beverage brands would benefit the most from utilizing this type of process. It allows users to get a full grasp of recipes for meals and cocktails. While the caption has the full recipe, there can be multiple photos and videos showing each step of the process. A great example of this process is shown in the Instagram post by Buzzfeed Tasty below. They use multiple videos to show users how to make a bacon avocado brussels sprout salad with lemon vinaigrette.

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      2. Show Off Multiple Products

        The new album feature is a great way for brands to show off multiple products all in one post. Highlighting a particular collection of a brand is best done with the Instagram album feature so audiences aren’t flooded with multiple posts of new products. While this tactic may seem to have less creative freedom, that is entirely untrue. Brands can add all kinds of flair to product photos to make them stand out in Instagram feeds. A great example of making products stand out is this post we created for our client CK Mondavi, check out the post below.

      3. Panoramic Photo

        Gone are the limitations of a single photo post. Panoramic photos, not fitting the square format of Instagram, were forced to be at least three separate posts. But now, thanks to the new Instagram album feature, panoramic photos can fit into one post. This is a great creative tool for brands to utilize by having users swipe to reveal more of their product. The more interactive a post of a brand is, the more memorable it will be to the audience. The Carnival Cruise Line highlights its Caribbean destination cruise with a panoramic post of its Carnival Breeze docked at one of its beautiful island stops.

      4. A Day in the Life

        Showing behind-the-scenes of a brand can be quite captivating to an audience. Brands with celebrity clientele or big productions are especially interesting. A big production day or celebrity guest is extremely hard to fit into one picture so many times brands would post multiple pictures of the day. However, now audiences can live a day in the life of a brand all in one post. No longer do brands have to pick and choose over the best representation of the day. As users swipe through the multiple photos and videos, the behind-the-scenes day will come to life right before their eyes. The Marvel Instagram is a prime example of this tactic as their one post encompasses the highlights of their celebrity guest, Jeremie Harris, visiting Marvel Headquarters for the day.

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      5. Videos and Animations

        Creativity with the new album feature goes beyond photos. Brands have the ability to execute unique posts through videos and animations. Or create a combination of photos and videos to tell a compelling story in stillness and in motion. This new feature takes Instagram videos to the next level, allowing brands to tell a continuous story with multiple videos. Vans did a phenomenal job showcasing their shoes in a simple yet impactful way. They used multiple videos to show someone walking through various everyday backgrounds in black and white.

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