Well folks, today is the day. Google is launching their algorithm, which will ensure that users of mobile devices are capable of experiencing better results, which are friendlier to their specific devices. With this in mind, webmasters might be chewing at their fingernails, since these major algorithm changes often roll out with strange results. Of course, the mobile market is an enormously large one and webmasters will want to ensure that these users are able to visit their pages. Don’t fret yet, because there is still time to make changes and make your pages friendly with mobile devices. Below, we’ll guide you through the process.

Changes are Permanent, Results are Not

While it is certainly true that Google isn’t going to backtrack on this change, it is vital to remember that the results are not irreversible. At any time, the webmaster can make the appropriate changes and instantly get their sites included in the results for mobile users. With this in mind, it is important to note that Google insisted that the algorithm changes would actually roll out in a period of several weeks. Therefore, you should not worry too much right away, since the changes will not immediately become relevant. Instead, just work quickly and get the problems corrected, before it is too late.

Check your Site’s Friendliness

Thankfully, Google has given Webmasters plenty of time to deal with the coming changes. In fact, they have even put together a comprehensive website and guide that can help. Therefore, you will want to start, by testing your site’s mobile friendliness. This can be done, by checking out Google’s Mobile Friendly test page. The process is astoundingly simple. Just type in your site’s URL and hit the start button. From there, Google will work to determine, whether or not your site is friendly. If your site is friendly, you can skip this can go back to work. Otherwise, you’ll need to begin implementing change to correct your site’s issues.

Correct Common Mistakes

In all likelihood, your website is probably suffering from common mistakes, which can be corrected fairly easily. For instance, your website might be loading very slowly for Mobile devices. This should be correctable with ease. At the same time, you may have inappropriate cross-links. This can be corrected fairly easily, since you just need to make a few URL changes and everything should be correct. Either way, it is imperative to find the problems and correct them as quickly as possible.


Truthfully, a lot of webmasters will not need to make any changes, at all. Others will need to go above and beyond to rectify the problems and ensure friendliness with mobile devices. Either way, now is the time to make the changes!


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