Learn how to use employees as brand ambassadors using social media.

Chances are if you’re running a business, you’ve also taken the time to get your brand onto Social Media. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube continue to be the top three most used platforms for business in the world; however, the abundance of other options businesses have to share their content has steadily become overwhelming.

LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest.. which do you choose?

Certainly we can’t take the time to make profiles on every platform. In fact, most business owners will tell you that 3-4 is the point at which they call it enough. Your business is obviously welcome to join as many platforms as you see fit, but remember that in order for Social media marketing to be effective, a lot of time, creativity and good content is required to make a difference in your bottom line.

What many business owners have failed to realize is the best and most efficient way to maximize quality output on their social media channels, is to utilize what valuable resources they have in front of them, their employees.

Divide and Conquer

Depending on your employee to social platform ratio, your company should be able to assign individual platforms to an employee, or a number of employees. By allowing each person(s) to concentrate on how a platform works, you’re guaranteeing strength on all of your outlets by dividing up the workload.

Facebook is fundamentally different than Instagram, and so when deciding who to assign a platform to, keep their strengths in mind. Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube at times are all heavily imaged based; whereas, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook require a lot more text and writing content. Being an ambassador to your company should mean carrying the representation with a sense of pride. It’s a lot easier to take pride in creating posts when you enjoy what you’re doing.

Before assigning a platform, make sure the employee is up to the task, and shows genuine excitement for getting paid to be responsible for it.

Develop A Content Strategy

While it is most efficient to divide up the platforms themselves, the content you share does not need to differ every time you post. In fact, creating content that will work on all the platforms you’re apart of is an excellent strategy to get your brand seen by your entire audience.

Again, platforms vary drastically so this is where your team will learn to customize the same message across different mediums.

Analytic Meetings

By using social media, your company is attempting to transcend its brand into the world of your customers, and not every post you make will resonate strongly. At least once a month you should have all of your employees sit down and discuss what posts are working, and dive into the data that comes with nearly every platform nowadays. Things like:

• Total views on a post
• The number of people who liked a post
• The number of shares a post received
• How many people commented/engaged
• What time and day of the week was the post created
• What did the content involve relative to your company

As the manager, it would also be wise to cross reference the data available on your website analytics to see how much traffic was coming from where and if it coincided with the time of a post. Once your company is fluent in their social responsibilities you can enhance your brand with company insights.

Show Your Company’s Culture

The nature of social media is to interact with people, your companies page should be no different. Not only are you building trust in your brand by exposing the people behind the logo, you’re also creating a vision for those who may want to work for you in the future.

Beyond isolating your employees to managing one platform, encourage them to make posts of themselves on their personal pages while working to show times in which they love their job. A business that has happy, dedicated employees is bound to have service customers will appreciate.

Bring Us Behind The Scenes

We’re in a rebirth of the small business era, and people would much rather support the little guy before they choose to buy from a manufacturer. Part of reminding your audience where your product/service comes from is taking them behind the scenes. You’ll be surprised how fascinated customers will be to learn an interesting fact behind the production of your work.

Knowing how your business runs makes customers more confident when it comes time to choose between you, and the competitor. By making your employees ambassadors, you’re introducing the world to the people they’re supporting by choosing your brand.


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