This past week Facebook announced the release of there newest feature “On this Day,” a service that allows users to relive past events and pictures on Facebook from yesteryear. 

On This Day” shows users old pictures, comments, posts, and events that occurred “on this day” in previous years, a modern form of nostalgia.  For example, that incredible adventure to Costa Rico you went on with your besties or that horrid family vacation that you never wanted to relive could resurface at any given moment with this app.  It’s only visible to the user unless shared with Facebook friends. 


Think of the Timehop app, but built into your Facebook. “On This Day” is a separate page from your Facebook that allows you to customize how much of the past you want to revisit. Users must subscribe to the service and could receive constant notifications to none at all, this features allows you control of your time capsule.

But how will users respond to the social network’s new feature “On This Day”?  So far, mixed reviews and certain concerns have surfaced about the new service.  While some enjoy reliving the moment they met their significant other, others don’t want the painful memories of old flames and those who’ve past away to interfere in their lives. 


Why go back when moving forward keeps life going?  Either way one looks at the service, Facebook continues to reinvent themselves and keep users interested and “On This Day” should be a fun service to visit and explore your past lives.


Raving Fans

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