We just have come off a whirlwind of food festivals in South Florida, particuarly Broward County. We are happy to say we were participants in all of them.

Some of the highlights at each festival:

Seminole Hard Rock Food and Wine Festival

Our client, Mario’s Catalina had a raging success at this festival. We ran out of food within an hour and a half. Being so close to the entrance caused us to have a very large line and we just ran out quickly. Many people kept going back in line saying things like, “This is the best thing here.”

Some of our other favorites were, Leblon’s Caipirinha, Hard Rock’s Porchetta sandwich, Cupcake & Concannon Wines, Vovetti Prosecco, and of course Mario’s Catalina Roast Pork.

The Seminole Hard Rock Food and Wine Festival truly rocked!

Boca Food and Wine Festival

Our client, Mario’s Catalina Restaurant was well represented and once again ran out of food early due to long lines.

Flavors International of Fort Lauderdale

This was a smaller event than the other two, but it was a first for Fort Lauderdale, FL. They are trying to make this into a much larger event that differs from other food and wine fests that includes Fort Lauderdale lifestyle as well. So at this festival they had cars (JM Lexus), boats (because this is Fort Lauderdale afterall), food, and wine. We participated in both Saturday and Sunday’s grand tasting and if you went on Saturday and missed Sunday, then I gotta tell you that you missed the best part. Don’t miss the grand tasting next year.

We hope to see you all at these great events next year.


Raving Fans

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