In Google we trust: A statement, if seen on American currency, would almost seem too natural to be counterfeit. Since it’s founding on September 4th, 1998 the technology company has gone from a basic search engine, to one of the most influential enterprises in the history of humanity.


As we pioneer the next phases of global interconnectivity, one aspect of search engine results remains dominant, and that is what keywords our webpages are able to rank for. Keywords can be viewed as the medium through which the human population expresses their desires.

Anytime we seek knowledge, food, directions, photos, anything, we rely on their platform to draw a conclusion. Keywords nowadays can come at a high price, especially once they’re ranked within the top 1,000 phrases searched on Google.

For the purposes of this study, we’re focusing on how the top 100 are broken down into categories, phrases, even how keywords are searched regionally, to demonstrate why these prestigious search terms come at such a pretty penny.

It’s Pays To Be Legal

This probably won’t come as a shock, but 78% of the most expensive keywords are related to legal queries. The United States has the most laws built into our legal code than anywhere else in the world. With so many laws it only makes sense we have a calamity of searches geared towards finding legal counsel. The top ten most expensive keyword searches are as follows:

  • San Antonio car wreck attorney ($670.44)
  • Accident attorney Riverside VA ($992.90)
  • Personal injury attorney Colorado ($553.08)
  • Top personal injury attorneys ($551.32)
  • Motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles ($551.11)
  • Structure settlements ($539.82)
  • Car accident attorney Orange County ($507.54)
  • Austin drug rehab ($463.05)
  • Orange County accident attorney ($450.91)
  • West Palm Beach criminal lawyer ($434.81)

A resounding 9/10 are directly tied to people seeking legal help, 7 of which are also related to injuries/accidents. Thus, when it comes to having a webpage seen in the top search page results for Google, the first ads you see for ‘San Antonio car wreck attorney’ are paying a maximum per day of $670.44 to have their websites appear first; the ad space is just that valuable. (See image below) To learn more about how Adwords are actually billed in terms of CPC (Cost-per-click), CPI (Cost-per-impression), or CPA (Cost-per-aquisition), we advise heading straight to Google’s breakdown.


Location, Location… Warm Locations

Location is everything when it comes to, well, everything. In the case of the most expensive Adwords the cities with the warmest weather have dominated the top 100 in 2015. Places like Los Angeles, Dallas, Orlando and Honolulu all have thriving competition in the quest to getting ad space.

The bridge between warm locations and expensive keywords may also have to do with how people choose to congregate in these locations. Everyone wants to live somewhere nice, which typically leads to overcrowding and a lot of people creating accidents, apparently. Much like the top ten terms, 11-50 were laced with legal-related terms, in warm and large cities. (See Below, highlights refer to a location based search) (Image Source)


Think Phrases, Not Just Individual Words

Looking at the top 1-100 most expensive ‘keywords’, not a single one of them consists of just one word. The shortest of the entire bunch is “offshore layers”, a term that could not be more ambiguous unless it were to read ‘interstellar lawyers’.

The point here is specificity. It’s not necessarily what you do that matters, but how people are trying to find out. Everything within the top 100 relates to something brief, yet very targeted. If someone were to Google “lawyer” the results are more based in definition, than anything that would possibly help a law firm based in San Antonio. (See Below)


Therefore, the goal isn’t necessarily to key on a phrase that is over-saturated, but to find a phrase that lacks competition, and is worth the cost-per-clicks. Sometimes this could mean selecting one that only gets twenty hits a day, but ends up pulling a strong percentage of those hits into acquisitions.

Adwords members are finding that even the lowest hits can equal expensive pricing for this reason.

These trends only represent a fraction of the diversity is Adwords, but the principles align across any industry: Location, service and phrasing. Once you can determine how to point to your business based on what you do, where you do it, and how people are trying to find it you’ll be ready to start implementing ads.

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